Culture in the spirit of Belgrade

July 9, 2022 0 Comments

If there is one city in the world that oozes culture, it is Belgrade. With a history spanning along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers, this city has been a cultural crossroads for centuries. In the spirit of Belgrade, locals are incredibly friendly and their vibrant and unique culture can be felt throughout.

From urban street art to cobblestone alleys and ancient monasteries to modern architecture, Belgrade offers diversity in culture like no other. It has fascinating history, plenty of creative expression, and a burst of national pride, making it a worthwhile place to visit.

Take a walk around the cobblestone streets of Skadarlija neighborhood, step inside the world-famous National Museum, or listen to Serbian folklore bands at the local pubs – these are just a few experiences that you can have in Belgrade. The lively Serbian music which still takes precedence over most pubs and parties in Belgrade is another attraction for tourists. Besides music, you will experience a diversity of customs such as Serbian Orthodox churches with icons and frescoes from centuries ago dotting the skyline.

The city also has many theatres, museums and galleries showcasing some of Serbia’s longstanding traditions as well its recent cultural achievements. From wine-tasting festivities to film screenings and live performances, you can find diverse cultural activities across town. The annual manifestation ‘Belgrade Summer Festival’ which showcases some of Serbia’s finest folk singers, dancers and actors is something one absolutely must-experience when visiting Belgrade between April and June.

In Belgrade, one can truly feel the spirit of culture come to life. One could experience the beauty of different cultures spread throughout the city. Each district in Belgrade has its own unique culture that can be experienced and felt through the arts, food and customs.

In the neighbourhood of Dorcol, one can experience a variety of local cafes and restaurants that offer traditional Balkan cuisine. Many of these eateries also feature live Balkan music and dancing, allowing local and international visitors to appreciate the culture in its full form. Another part of Belgrade that is highly representative of culture is Stari Grad (the old city). Here you can visit unique galleries filled with classic paintings, sculptures or photographs that have been created by famous local artists from the region. Likewise, traditional folk festivals are often held in this district during major summer holidays throughout the year.

For those who love theatre, Belgrade has plenty to explore as well. The National Theatre in Belgrade hosts regular performances throughout the year featuring classic plays and modern performances created by Serbian directors. Additionally, there are several independent theatres all around the city that put on innovative shows and events regularly.

All around Belgrade there are many landmarks, monuments and buildings that reflect the history and culture of this vibrant city. On any given day one can explore Kalammeja Square, which serves as a focal point for local markets and events; as well as Terazije Square, which was once an important landmark for traders during Ottoman rule in Serbia. Moreover, one can visit the Belgrade Fortress or take a tour of Cetinje Castle which served as a residence for Serbian Monarchs for many years.

It is clear to see that Belgrade’s streets have been crafted over time with the spirit of culture alive in every corner. Regardless of where you visit within the city, one is sure to be presented with amazing sites filled with captivating stories about various customs and traditions from around Belgrade – something to behold and cherish forever!