Belgrade – beautiful culture that we show at our Cultural Institution

July 9, 2022 0 Comments

Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, having been around since the days of the Roman Empire. It’s a city rich with culture, art, and historical sites that are often left to be explored and appreciated by travelers from all over the world. But did you know that Belgrade houses a cultural institution dedicated specifically to showcasing its rich history?

The Cultural Institution in Belgrade was established in 1962 and was originally intended to house a range of important documents and figurines from Serbian culture between the 15th and 20th centuries. Since then, it’s grown to become one of the biggest resources for culture and heritage in Serbia, and its collection now features several thousand archaeological artifacts, items of art and more.

It’s easy to miss the museum due to its modest size, but make sure to look it up if you’re ever in Belgrade. Stepping into its halls will give you a glimpse into Serbia’s past and their contributions to the world’s wealth of culture. A visit here is recommended for a student studying history or anyone who just loves exploring new cultures. It works hard to preserve the past while still being relevant to Belgradians today as each exhibit allows visitors to admire a variety of traditional customs and activities from various eras throughout Serbia’s history.

The institution also organizes several activities such as film screenings and temporary exhibitions related both to Serbia and global themes; so there’s always something exciting happening here. Educational programs are available for students interested in getting an even deeper insight into Serbian culture too. Furthermore, it hosts free concerts where everyone can enjoy traditional Serbian music played by some of Belgrade’s best musicians.​

If this already haven’t convinced you that visiting the Cultural Institution in Belgrade might be worth your time, we don’t know what will! So make sure you have it on your list of must-see places during your next trip!

At the Cultural Institution of Belgrade, residents and guests get the opportunity to experience a wide range of events, concerts and performances that delve into Serbia’s history and culture. From educational talks on Serbian art to prestigious classical concerts, there’s always something to enjoy. Here visitors can take part in folklore dances like kolo (circle dancing), visit plays and concerts put on by local theater groups or watch a folk-inspired orchestra performance. At the Cultural Institution of Belgrade you can truly explore what traditional Serbian Culture is all about.

The Cultural Institution of Belgrade also plays an important role in preserving the old customs and traditions associated with Serbia. Every year the institution hosts some of Serbia’s most celebrated fests such as Skupstina grada Beograda (The Assembly of Belgrade), Dan Službenika Vadjenja (Workers Day Parade) and Dračevi (Horse Races). These events offer a fantastic insight into the customs and rituals that shaped the nation hundreds of years ago.

The Cultural Institution of Belgrade also serves as a platform for young creatives wishing to showcase their talents. Local artists can rent gallery space or throw parties at clubs, gaining invaluable exposure and potentially kick-start their careers in music or art. No matter which genre you’re interested in, you can expect to find something exciting happening at Belgrade’s cultural hub.

The cultural richness that has been brought to life by the Cultural Institution of Belgrade, stands as testament to all that it has done for Serbia and its people over its almost 100-year history. It’s no surprise that it continues to be one of Serbia’s most visited attractions. Make sure you don’t miss out on experiencing this cultural oasis when you visit Belgrade!