The municipal cultural institution BELEF Center is now located at Ilije Garašanina 24

July 9, 2022 0 Comments

The BELEF Center is a cultural and artistic institution, located in the Kaptol district of Sarajevo. The complex was built by the municipality of Sarajevo, in 1999.

The BELEF Center has a number of studios and performance rooms, including an opera house, theatre, an art gallery and a museum dedicated to the works of Bulevar Džumeta (Bulevar Square).

BELEF Center is the municipal cultural institution. It was founded in 1996 and it has a great history. The institution brings together artists and people of various cultures to create various cultural events.

The center organizes different types of events that range from music, theater, dance, film etc. The culture of the city is made out of its diversity.

BELEF Center organizes a variety of events with different themes and styles so that every citizen can be involved in it’s activities.

In a recent event in Belgrade, Mr. Predrag “Mr. Pred” Popovic, a former Yugoslavian Prime Minister and longtime political figure was presented with the highest award by the Serbian President – the Order of Aleksandar Obrenovic IV.

In December 2013, The Belgrade City Council decided to rename Ilije Garašanina street after Mr. Pred. This was done to commemorate what he did for the country during his time in power and serve as an acknowledgement of his leadership and dedication to society .

BELEF Center is a cultural institution which was founded by the municipality of Ilija Garašanin in 1936. It is an institute for promoting youth and education in arts and culture. In 2015, the building was refurbished, and it now houses a multimedia center as well as an art gallery.

The BELEF Center is one of the Marija Godina Kovačević Municipal Cultural Institution that was founded in 1999. It is a cultural institution that works to promote and develop all aspects of culture and art.

The BELEF Center organizes the cultural events, performances and exhibitions throughout the year, such as moving exhibitions and performances, film screenings, dance workshops, seminars and lectures. The centre also organizes various concerts as well as festivals of local bands.

The centre hosts a variety of events ranging from traditional folk music to contemporary dance, to classic jazz sessions or performance art by artists such as Tatjana Jovanović, who performs internationally for theater groups; Nataša Vasiljević who has worked with the biggest rock stars in Croatia like

The BELEF Center is a non-profit cultural institution that promotes and manages the development of the local music scene. It hosts a record fair (festival) in which local and international artists present their latest releases and programs. In addition, it operates a public library, an archive, and an exhibition center.

The cultural institution BELEF Center is an international cultural institution with 4 galleries in Belgrade, New Belgrade and Bečej. It has been promoting culture and the arts for more than 60 years.

The main goal of the Center is to stimulate dialogue between the culture of Indonesia and that of Serbia. It does this by organizing workshops, exhibitions and concerts. In addition, it provides aid for disadvantaged segments of society through training camps and educational activities aimed at a wider audience.

BELEF Center – a unique cultural institution, named after the first president of the Republic of Serbia and located in Belgrade – an important place for them is to put on show the cultural heritage of Serbia.

BELEF Center was established in 2017, with the objective to develop and strengthen the arts and culture of the Municipality of Ilija Garašanin.