Deca losih muzicara - DLM
DLM - Ivan Brkljacic 03. jul, 21:00, SKC Garden
Kathy Autrey (USA) - DLM 10. avgust, 21:00, Plato

DLMThe group started to work in 1988, and was founded by the guitar player Mr. Jova Jović, singer Mr. Aleksandar Siljanovski Silja, saxophone player Mr. Vladan Miljković Milje, drummer Mr. Zoran Milivojevic Mikac, bass player Mr. Zoran Zivkovic and trumpeters Messr.s Djordje Andjelić Kica and Ivan Blagojevic Uske. For one time the saxophone player Dusan Petrovic used to play with them, who then went to group Playboy, and after Uske's leave they were joined by the trumpeter Mr. Bora Velickovic. The group has won the last Youth Festival in Subotica in 1990, and their song "Doživotno osuđen na ljubav'' (Convicted to love for a lifetime") has been published on the record from the Festival. During the first years of work they have represented one of the most perspective domestic groups, but their discontinued discography was the main hindrance for their career.

"Dobar dan'' (Take It Or Leave It 1993.)
''Prolecni dan'' (PGP RTS 1995.)
''Virus'' (Metropolis 1998.)

Petar Janjatovic, Illustrated Rock Encyclopedia

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